kizolove babs & yelena

Babacar Seye aka Kizolove Babs made his official debut in September 2012 by creating his school Kizo-Love Kizomba in Montreal.
A year later, Kizo-Love's family began to grow and other experienced and charismatic teachers - Offia, Sinker, Samy and Laura - joined the team over time. These teachers from Cote d'Ivoire, Togo, Haiti and Romania have the sole purpose of transmitting their passion for dance and thus enhance the richness of African culture in North America.

As one of the community leaders in Canadian Kizomba scene, Babacar decided to dedicate time to this dance on a larger scale by teaching classes in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Regina, Quebec City, Boston, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Buffalo, New York, Miami , Spain, Sweden and China too.

Through dance shows, festivals, public and private events, weddings, private lessons and theme evenings Kizo-love actively participates in Canadian cultural life by distinguishing itself by its professionalism, the rigor of its courses, the adaptability of his teachers and the diversity of his events.

Needless to say, Babs is a wonderful dance instructor with several years of teaching experience under his belt in several dance styles. He brings his passion and love for all things Kizomba and Semba to his classes and the dance floor - ask him for a dance when you find the chance.
Babs will be teaching with the wonderful, graceful and talented dancer, Yelena Jurney.

She is one of the Kizomba event organizers and teachers in the TwinCities and has been teaching for over two years now. She has been dancing and training in Kizomba, Semba, UrbanKiz, Bachata and other dance styles. She has trained in Kizomba with some of the best instructors, including Jean Pierre N’ Gangu, Audi MPK and Pamela MPK, Gwany and Tarah Stephanie, Charles Ogar, Shika Jay.
She is also the Kizomba talent organizer at Báilame this year.

GET READY to be amazed and train with this amazing artist couple!!!!

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