Albir Rojas

I was born in Panama on October 25, in 1979.
With much effort and dedication I studied Commerce, Communication and Sound Production.
As far as the world of dance is concerned, I started doing choreographic work when I was 15 years old, participating and obtaining great achievements in shows and competitions.
When I was finishing high school, I realized that we boys didn't have it so easy to dedicate ourselves to dancing ... but I made the decision to continue with what I liked to do and I started taking classes on my own, training more specifically in ballet, latin jazz, tap, hip hop and funky jazz.
Meanwhile, I continued performing choreographies for shows and competitions, but already then as an instructor.
While I was living in Panama, I had the opportunity to work in television shows and productions, as well as in plays and musicals: as a dancer in West Side Story and in Grease, as an actor and dancer in Fame, and as an actor in The Fantastics. In October 2001 I made the important decision to continue my studies in Cinematographic Direction in Madrid, which meant that I had to stop dancing professionally during the first year in Spain. However, I focused my efforts on learning the technique of Cuban salsa, bachata, etc. Gradually I began to teach hip hop classes in different dance schools in the capital, while I continued training in Latin and ballroom dances. In 2005, the destination wanted me to hear about the kizomba through a student, who asked me if I also taught this dance style and even provided me with some music so that I knew a little more about this rhythm. I liked what I heard so much that I started researching… I discovered then that there were kizomba teachers in Portugal, and I traveled to Porto and Lisbon to learn more about it.

In this process, approximately in 2006, I had the great luck to meet Kwenda Lima, AfroLatin Connection, Helio Santos, Ze Barbosa and Petchu.
Progressively I began to include the kizomba classes, and these had a great reception among my students. However, they complained that there was no place where they could go out dancing and practice what they were learning in class. I focused then on looking for options of this and, after several frustrated attempts that did not work, they offered me to teach in the Parche room, where the kizomba could be known by more people. That's how everything evolved until, in 2009, I participated in Spain in the reality show “Fama, a bailar”. Upon leaving the program, I opened my first dance school, Flow. The following year, I participated with Sara López in the Kizomba Africa Dançar International Championship, obtaining second place. Sara and I had already done some choreographic work together before, but they had been bachata fusion. After our achievement, the kizomba began to spread and we began to be known for
our fusion style.
I keep a good memory of the year 2011, as it was the first time they called us to teach at a festival outside Spain, internationally. It was Tevin Price, from London. That same weekend was the final of the Bachatastars, for which we had qualified, but we had to decide between both things and, finally, we decided to go to London to teach the kizomba classes. Maybe we were not very aware of the impact of that decision, but it was a determining point in our paths where we had to choose whether to continue towards bachata or towards the kizomba ... and we chose the kizomba. Suddenly, without knowing very well how, a video of us went viral ... Without hardly realizing Albir Rojas and Sara López were making themselves known in many countries of the world with the kizomba. In all these years, I have done numerous jobs with Carola Tauler, Sara Panero and other women, and I have had the great opportunity to travel through numerous countries such as Australia, the USA, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Croatia, Israel, Russia, Indonesia, South Korea, China, Tunisia… being able to transmit my knowledge, my values ​​and my passion for dance in many of the most important and wonderful cities in the world (Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Mexico City, Puebla, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Luxembourg, Milan, Oslo, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Cairo, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, China, Tokyo, Curaçao ...)
Currently I continue traveling, teaching regular classes in Madrid - city where I live -, I continue taking dance classes to improve, (such as Teachers Training by Eddy Vents) and always trying to kizomba, and dance in general, be an art in which people in the world create, appreciate, respect and value. Always grateful to have Spain as my second home and greatly proud of my Latin roots.

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